Delicious Food from the Girl’s Trip

It’s finally here! Some of the yummy food that my mom and I ate on our 3 day trip up the coast to Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, and San Luis Obispo.

First on the list is Sandbar and this restaurant is located on State Street in Santa Barbara, California. We enjoyed a nice late lunch here before heading back on the road to Pismo Beach. I ordered the taquitos, or rolled tacos, and my mom ordered two chicken soft tacos so that we could share. The food was very delicious and everything on the menu sounded amazing. If you’re ever in Santa Barbara and in need of some Mexican food stop by this restaurant and you won’t be disappointed.

Another restaurant we went to was called Novo and this was in downtown San Luis Obispo. The last image is a picture of the restaurant and as you can see it is on like a back outside patio that overlooks a little creek. My mom and I again ordered things to share starting with butternut squash soup. This soup was delicious and sweet while at the same time had a bit of a kick to it from the spices that were used. As our main dishes my mom ordered the “Singapore Chicken Satay” and I ordered the “Novo Lettuce Wraps”. These were on the appetizer part of the menu but were plenty of food. We couldn’t leave without trying a dessert so we ordered the “Winter Fruit Crisp” which had apples, pears, cranberries and ice cream along with a blood orange caramel sauce.

Since one dessert is never enough we also stopped at the SLO Donut Company on the way back to the hotel to get some yummy donuts. We ordered half a dozen and since it was later on in the night they didn’t have the best selection left however, the ones we did get were delicious. Starting from the top left we have a chocolate chip/hazelnut donut that was filled with chocolate filling, next was a nutella filled one, then a strawberry twist donut which was filled with strawberry jam, then we have just an old fashioned, and then finally two sprinkled cake donuts (chocolate/vanilla). The donuts were delicious and the place was very cute but I would recommend going there earlier on so that you have a better selection to choose from.

Simple & Yummy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day and I would probably eat it for every meal if I could. I love to make a really yummy and nutritious breakfast when I get the chance but let’s be real as a college student it’s usually a grab and go type of situation. Now that I am home for the summer one of my favorite things to do is to make breakfast. I’m not really a plain jane type of girl when it comes to eating and I enjoy a lot of different flavors & types of foods in my meal. However, once I find something I love I usually keep it in my rotation of things to make. These two staple breakfasts are my current favorites and are seriously so easy. Grab your coffee and a pen/paper because trust me you’re going to want to write these ideas down!

1st Breakfast Idea: Eggs/Toast/Fruit

This is a classic breakfast that I always go to when I’m at a loss for what to make. It’s simple nutritious and will keep you full for a while! For this one there isn’t much of a recipe I usually either just make some scrambled eggs or whatever style egg you prefer. Then I top it with a pinch of salt and lots of pepper. My favorite toast is sourdough toast but if you were trying to be a bit more healthy you could substitute for some multi-grain toast which would be just as yummy. You can top the toast with either some butter and jam or if you wanted the extra protein some peanut butter is a good option as well. Lastly I usually throw some fruit on the plate, again because I love multiple foods/colors, but also you will be getting a serving of fruit in there for the day. Breakfast #1 is as simple as that but also super delicious.

2nd Breakfast Idea: Avocado/Egg Toast & Side of Raspberries

Avocado Toast is something that is super popular right now and everyone has a different spin on this classic meal. Mine is pretty simple but I got the idea from a coffee place near my school who sells something very similar. I usually just make a piece or two of my favorite whole grain toast, extra toasty is how I like it, and either spread a tiny bit of butter or cream cheese as a base. Then I slice some avocados and add that to the toast and top it with a sliced hardboiled egg. The final touch is lemon pepper, there is no such thing as “too much” lemon pepper, the more the merrier. I also added a bowl of raspberries to add some fruit to this yummy meal.

This will be the first of MANY breakfast ideas because like I mentioned earlier, I love breakfast. If you try any of these out I’d love to hear what you think so let me know in the comments! Also let me know what your favorite breakfast meal is so I can try it out!

Rainy Day Essentials

Today it is a rainy day in SoCal so it’s time to bust out the essentials that usually get neglected since it’s rarely ever rainy. The first of my many essentials is hot chocolate but any hot beverage of your choice will suffice. I love hot chocolate because it gives me an excuse to make homemade whip cream, which I could eat by the gallon unfortunately. A simple recipe for this AMAZING homemade whip cream will be listed at the end of this post. My favorite thing to do on rainy days is to just treat myself to all the things I neglect to do regularly. Once you’ve got your hot beverage of choice (hot chocolate is the best I’m telling ya) the next thing I do is run a warm bubble bath, with extra bubbles. Grab a good book, or in my case some notecards to study for finals ugghhh, and relax. Usually a while later I like to get out and maybe make some popcorn to enjoy while watching a movie or a current Netflix obsession. Cuddling up with my puppy, Jaxx, and a cozy blanket is the picture perfect ideal situation for a rainy day.

Whip Cream recipe: Mix heaving whipping cream (around a 5 ounce container) with around 1 tsp of vanilla extract as well as around 2 heaping spoonfuls of powdered sugar. Blend that in a bowl with a hand or standard mixer on high speed until fluffy peaks rise. Taste to see if it is sweet enough and if it is not you can add some more powdered sugar or regular sugar until the desired sweetness! (: