Outfit Ideas for Country Concerts

Howdy y’all! Country music is easily my favorite type of music and just recently I attended Stagecoach for the very first time. For those of you who don’t know, Stagecoach is a giant country music festival for 3 days with tons of country performers. In order to prep for this weekend I went searching through the internet and stores to get ideas of what I should wear. Now I’ve been to a few country concerts before and my usual go to is jean shorts, a simple tank top, a flannel tied around my waist, some sunnies (sunglasses), and my boots. Something along the lines of the one pictured above, however, for stagecoach I basically was just looking for an excuse to get a few new cute outfits. While looking on the internet and Pinterest for inspiration I noticed that I wasn’t really finding a bunch of ideas. So I decided to pull a staple piece from each outfit I liked and then find other pieces I preferred better in order to complete the look. Now I am by no means fashion expert or stylist of any kind but I do like to make a look my own by incorporating my own elements to it. Down below I posted links to all of the pieces in my outfits as well as some alternative choices.


OUTFIT 1: For the first outfit I paired a jean skirt with a simple white off the shoulder top. Sometimes off the shoulder tops can be tricky but my favorite ones are the ones where the sleeves are detached from the shirt, that way you are free to move around your arms however you would like without having to constantly re-adjust. I added a touch of color with the yellow bandana which I tied around my neck, added some sunglasses along with my boots, and that completes look number 1.

OUTFIT 2: For the second outfit I paired a simple white/lace romper with a brown belt around my waist. This outfit was the easiest to put together because it was so simple and comfortable. Rompers are a great option if you are unsure of what to wear because it solves the issue of having to coordinate two pieces of clothing together. Just add some jewelry and you are good to go, in my case I added silver in order to match the belt buckle.

OUTFIT 3: My third outfit is not pictured above but it was very simple. A nice tank top and some jean shorts with a brown western style belt. I also added a white lace sleeveless cardigan but I couldn’t find the exact one to link down below so a flannel would be just as nice. When in doubt always go for a simple tank top, flannel, jean shorts, and your boots.

Outfit 1 Links:

Similar White Off the Shoulder Crop Top

Another Similar White top

Buttoned Light Jean Skirt

Yellow Bandana


Outfit 2 Links:

White Romper in Alternative Color

Other Cute White Rompers

Brown Belt

Silver Bracelets

Outfit 3 Links:

My Favorite Flannels

Some of my Favorite Shorts

Simple High-Neck Tank

Western Brown Belt


Similar Boots by the same company

Affordable Cowboy Boots Option