More than “just” a Teacher

It has been a long time since I have written a post on here as life has gotten pretty chaotic, in the best way possible. I still love journaling down all my thoughts and emotions and this topic is always something that is constantly on the forefront of my brain so here goes nothing….


I could write novels on this subject and honestly could list a million different reasons as to why I am going to school to be a teacher. This is something that I am so passionate about and honestly have always dreamt of doing since I was a little girl. No one decides to be a teacher based on the money they decide to be a teacher based on the sheer possibility of potentially changing children’s lives. I am a third year in college and I cannot count the amount of times someone has questioned why I wanted to be a teacher, “it’s terrible pay”, “how are you going to support yourself doing that”, “why would you choose to be a teacher when you could do something that’ll get you further in life”, and unfortunately the list goes on and on. For me life clearly isn’t all about making as much money as I can, it’s about truly enjoying my future career.

Studying child and family development these past 3 years while at college has really taught me so much about child psychology, family dynamics, family relationships, developmental milestones from infancy through old age, and so much more. I’ve been given so many opportunities to do hands on work with children and teachers experiencing first hand how much caregivers influence the lives of children.The truth of the matter is children these days will be growing up in a very different world than how things used to be. Now, more than ever, children need love, support, and guidance throughout their whole lives. Having a future career in teaching gives me that possibility to provide those things to children who may thrive on that need for positive attention.

Learning has and always will be one of my passions, I have loved my time at college specifically as of lately because I am getting to really dive deeper into how I can become both an effective and influential teacher. We’ve all had those teachers at some point in our life where you can just tell they don’t want to be there anymore than you do. Honestly, in my opinion, if anyone hates their job that much I don’t really understand why people stick around in careers that aren’t fulfilling them. Everyone has their own passions in life and I am just one college student chasing her dream to impact children in the best way that I can. I am so excited for that avenue of my life and meanwhile I am trying to soak in all the information and experience possible so that I can one day be the best teacher, and eventually mother, that I can be.

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