My Daily Skincare Routine

My skincare routine has remained pretty much the same for at least 4 years now. Trying new products is always something that I love doing but once you find that staple routine that works for your skin, stick to it, because then you will begin to see results just like I have. These are some of my favorite products for skincare that are fairly natural and require little effort. The simpler the better in my opinion because then it makes it easy to stay consistent.

FullSizeRender 9

My holy grail, cannot live without, favorite face wash is the Purity face wash from Philosophy. This is the first step in my skincare routine and the only face wash I really use besides an occasional scrub every so often. This product is a makeup remover and face wash in one so it’s very simple and makes my life so much easier. One of my best recommendations for clear skin is to make sure you are washing your face and removing all your makeup both morning and night. Sometimes at night I find it hard to want to remove my makeup once I am all comfy in bed but this face wash makes it super simple to just wash it once and be done! It is very gentle and smells amazing while at the same time removing all my makeup for one simple step.

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After washing my face I follow up with the Hope in a Jar moisturizer from Philosophy. This moisturizer smells fresh and clean and is the best one that I have found for my skin. I tend to have combination skin that can sometimes get oily throughout the day while at the same time can get dry pretty easily without the proper hydration. I find this moisturizer to be the perfect solution. I tend to use this mainly at night since I find it to be a little too thick to wear under makeup and it doesn’t contain the SPF I like to have for during the day. This moisturizer paired with the Purity face wash make for an unstoppable duo that have consistently kept my skin smooth and clear of blemishes.

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Speaking of blemishes, something I keep on hand in case one of those little suckers pops up is the Tea Tree Oil from Trader Joes. I put some of the oil onto a q-tip and dap it on the blemish to try and spot treat the area. Tea tree oil has so many benefits but I find it to be amazing at clearing up/drying out skin impurities. Usually I will do this at night so that it has time to soak in and heal the affected area.

FullSizeRender 6 copy

Last but not least the eye cream that I use is the 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. I use a small amount of this under my eyes to help reduce puffiness and dark circles. This stuff smells amazing just like coffee with a mix of vanilla and makes my under eye area feel rejuvenated. Since I still am quiet young I do not really need the extra added stuff into an eye cream so I just use this at night as sort of a preventative. I love the consistency because it just melts right into my skin. For added de-puffing try sticking this in the fridge to get a nice cooling affect when you apply it.


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