Delicious Food from the Girl’s Trip

It’s finally here! Some of the yummy food that my mom and I ate on our 3 day trip up the coast to Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, and San Luis Obispo.

First on the list is Sandbar and this restaurant is located on State Street in Santa Barbara, California. We enjoyed a nice late lunch here before heading back on the road to Pismo Beach. I ordered the taquitos, or rolled tacos, and my mom ordered two chicken soft tacos so that we could share. The food was very delicious and everything on the menu sounded amazing. If you’re ever in Santa Barbara and in need of some Mexican food stop by this restaurant and you won’t be disappointed.

Another restaurant we went to was called Novo and this was in downtown San Luis Obispo. The last image is a picture of the restaurant and as you can see it is on like a back outside patio that overlooks a little creek. My mom and I again ordered things to share starting with butternut squash soup. This soup was delicious and sweet while at the same time had a bit of a kick to it from the spices that were used. As our main dishes my mom ordered the “Singapore Chicken Satay” and I ordered the “Novo Lettuce Wraps”. These were on the appetizer part of the menu but were plenty of food. We couldn’t leave without trying a dessert so we ordered the “Winter Fruit Crisp” which had apples, pears, cranberries and ice cream along with a blood orange caramel sauce.

Since one dessert is never enough we also stopped at the SLO Donut Company on the way back to the hotel to get some yummy donuts. We ordered half a dozen and since it was later on in the night they didn’t have the best selection left however, the ones we did get were delicious. Starting from the top left we have a chocolate chip/hazelnut donut that was filled with chocolate filling, next was a nutella filled one, then a strawberry twist donut which was filled with strawberry jam, then we have just an old fashioned, and then finally two sprinkled cake donuts (chocolate/vanilla). The donuts were delicious and the place was very cute but I would recommend going there earlier on so that you have a better selection to choose from.

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