Girl’s Trip to Pismo Beach~Part 2

Following our kayak adventure we went for a walk on the pier next to the kayak rental shop. Now I am no photographer but this place was too beautiful to not take pictures so I tried my best to capture some of my favorite parts about that pier. I felt as though I was in a different world, the whole nature of the place where we were was so laid-back and simple. The gloomy morning fog made it feel as though I was in a Nicholas Sparks movie, I’m telling you this place looked exactly like the little seaport town from his movie Safe Haven.

Next we headed down the road a bit to a cute little village/town right next to the water and enjoyed an amazing brunch before heading back to the room. By this time in the day luckily the fog had burned off and the sun came out. We decided to take advantage of the weather and we headed down a little path to the beach. We walked along the shoreline for a bit, stopping to look at and collect a few pretty rocks along the way.

Exhausted from a long adventurous morning we both decided to take a nap before getting ready for dinner. There is nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of the ocean just outside your balcony. After getting ready we headed down the road a few miles into downtown San Luis Obispo for dinner. To our surprise it was a Thursday night and apparently every Thursday night they block off some of the streets for a farmers market. There were tons of people and delicious smelling food. Once we finally found parking we headed down to bubblegum alley to get a few pictures and then went in a few of the shops until our reservation time. We had dinner reservations at a restaurant called Novo where the tables were in the back patio overlooking a little creek. It was absolutely beautiful and it felt like we were in the middle of a forest. Don’t worry my next post is going to include all the food we ate at this amazing restaurant as well as the other places throughout our trip so make sure to look out for that!

Before heading home the next day we made a quick stop in Solvang. We walked around and went in a few stores and bakeries before getting back on the road for the long trip home.

This was such a relaxing trip and I had such a wonderful time hanging out and exploring with my mom. It’s fitting that I am writing this post on mother’s day because she is the one who made this whole trip possible. Knowing that I was finishing my sophomore year of college she planned this trip for the two of us as a way to celebrate. I am so grateful to have a mother who cares and loves me so much and someone who is always supportive of me and my dreams. I love you mom and thank you for such an amazing trip!

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