Rainy Day Essentials

Today it is a rainy day in SoCal so it’s time to bust out the essentials that usually get neglected since it’s rarely ever rainy. The first of my many essentials is hot chocolate but any hot beverage of your choice will suffice. I love hot chocolate because it gives me an excuse to make homemade whip cream, which I could eat by the gallon unfortunately. A simple recipe for this AMAZING homemade whip cream will be listed at the end of this post. My favorite thing to do on rainy days is to just treat myself to all the things I neglect to do regularly. Once you’ve got your hot beverage of choice (hot chocolate is the best I’m telling ya) the next thing I do is run a warm bubble bath, with extra bubbles. Grab a good book, or in my case some notecards to study for finals ugghhh, and relax. Usually a while later I like to get out and maybe make some popcorn to enjoy while watching a movie or a current Netflix obsession. Cuddling up with my puppy, Jaxx, and a cozy blanket is the picture perfect ideal situation for a rainy day.

Whip Cream recipe: Mix heaving whipping cream (around a 5 ounce container) with around 1 tsp of vanilla extract as well as around 2 heaping spoonfuls of powdered sugar. Blend that in a bowl with a hand or standard mixer on high speed until fluffy peaks rise. Taste to see if it is sweet enough and if it is not you can add some more powdered sugar or regular sugar until the desired sweetness! (:

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